Journal of University Studies for inclusive Research (USRIJ)
مجلة الدراسات الجامعية للبحوث الشاملة

How to prepare the research for submission for publication in the Journal of University Studies for inclusive Research:

1. The research on the first page should include the title of the research in addition to the researcher's data from (the name of the researcher, job title, educational rank, accredited email).

2. Each research must include a summary of up to 250 words written in both Arabic and English, followed by keywords with a minimum of 3 vocabularies.

3. The research should include the main content of internationally accepted research (summary, introduction, theoretical content, research methodology and procedures, findings and discussion, conclusion and recommendations, references, appendices).

4. The researcher is obliged to send the research in Microsoft word format.

5. The APA 6th edition documentation pattern is followed when documenting references in research with the need to diversify between Arab and foreign references.

6. It is stipulated that the research should not have been previously published or was part of a previously published book. The researcher also undertakes not to submit the research for publication in any other party after sending it to the arbitrators of the Journal of University Studies for Comprehensive Research.

7. The number of search pages should not exceed 30 pages printed on Word, font size 14, Simplified Arabic with a 1.5 spacing for Arabic research, and in font size 12, and times new roman with a 1.5 spacing for English research.