The conditions and rules

- The researcher sends an electronic copy of the research to the journal after formatting it according to the journal’s requirements, in both Word and pdf copies, to the journal’s email.
- The research should be printed in a proper language with a distance of 1.5 between the lines, provided that the number of its pages does not exceed 30 pages (excluding references and appendices), font size 14, and Simplified Arabic for Arabic research, and font size 12, and times new roman for English research. - The names of researchers in the Arabic and English languages are added after the title in both the Arabic and English abstracts, so that the number of words for each abstract is limited to 250 words, along with their job titles, academic ranks, and accredited email. - Keywords should be added after each summary.
- The research should be divided into main and sub-headings, so that it consists mainly of (research title, summary, keywords, introduction, theoretical content of the research, research methodology and procedures, results and recommendations, references, appendices (if any).
- Footnotes are used to explain terms that require clarification of the content.
- The research must not have been previously published in any of the different publishing houses.
- Each researcher, whose research conforms to the journal's publishing requirements, shall be provided with initial acceptance or rejection, after the research has been initially judged by three arbitrators.
- Each researcher is obliged to pay the publication fees arising from the arbitration and publishing procedures even if he requests to withdraw the research and not complete the publishing process after following the arbitration procedures.
- The researcher is obliged to send the research after the amendment and to make arbitration notes to the same journal mail within a maximum period of two months from the date of sending the notes.
- Each researcher is provided with a letter of acceptance of publication in addition to an electronic copy of the journal issue in which his research was published and of his research published in accordance with the special form for publication in the journal.